University of Oregon BE Series

The Project

The BE Series is an inspirational speaker series aimed at encouraging students to live up to their full potential. The series brings in speakers from across the U.S. to discuss topics ranging from mental health to financial management, and everything in between.
The idea was simple – our client, the Center for Student Involvement, wanted to craft an event that would motivate the student body to become greater, to learn outside of the classroom, and to make their time at the University of Oregon worth while. After hours of brainstorming, client meetings and design sketches, The BE Series was born.
From posters to handbills to social media campaigns, we aimed to create a recognizable brand. We wanted to become a part of the UO culture. We developed a full website outlining speakers, topics, and the series’ mission in order to make a name for The BE Series during its inaugural year.
The success of The BE Series is substantial, and we are looking forward to working on this event for years to come.

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